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What kind of company is JATCO?

JATCO is one of the few companies in the world that is dedicated to the manufacturing of Automatic Transmission (AT/CVT).

JATCO supplies AT/CVT to Japanese automakers including Nissan, Mitsubishi and Suzuki, as well as to manufacturers around the world such as Renault and General Motors.


What are JATCO's strengths?

JATCO is a leading manufacturer accounting for approximately half the global market share of CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission) production.
CVT is a transmission system that boasts excellent fuel efficiency and is used throughout the world. It is able to achieve high levels of fuel efficiency by operating the engine at an optimum range of engine revolutions.

JATCO is expanding global production in order to deliver products with value to our customers in a timely fashion. Through our unique production system known as "JEPS," we maintain a high level of quality for the products manufactured at all our plants.


What technological capabilities does JATCO possess?

JATCO has realized the commercialization of numerous pioneering technologies. Our creativity has resulted in high appraisals from our customers, who rate us as a top-runner in the industry.

JATCO develops CVT and hybrid transmissions with a high level of environmental performance, and has succeeded in the development of multi-stepping used in step AT.
Through our technological capabilities we are also contributing to the reduction of global CO2 emissions.

JATCO Ltd. Corporate Information

JATCO Corporate information 

Brochure (PDF / English)

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Corporate VIDEO

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