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JATCO delivers an extensive line-up of transmissions for various vehicle classes and models, from mini vehicles to full-size sedans.

JATCO is the only CVT transmission manufacturer in the world to produce a line-up of CVT that spans from mini vehicles through to 3.5-liter class full-size sedans. A CVT, which optimizes transmission shifting to match each driving situation, balances both superior fuel economy and quick acceleration, which serves to significantly reduce the impact automobiles have on the environment.


What is CVT?

CVT refers to Continuously Variable Transmission. This is a power transmission mechanism that continuously changes the gear ratio using mechanisms other than the gear. The transmission mechanism is made up of a belt or a chain that connects the pulleys on the input and output sides. There is an increasing number of CVT that employs a mechanism in which the contact radius between each pulley and the steel belt is changed without steps.

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